Natural shape salt lamp by Royal Himalayan salt, the top exporter and wholesaler of Pakistan, exporting to USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle east and other parts of the world

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps: A gift from mother nature

Royal Himalayan Salt presents the hot selling salt lamp, Natural shape Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp.
Royal Himalayan salt is top exporter and dealer of Himalayan salt lamps, Himalayan edible salt and other related items ranging from Himalayan pink salt lamps to Himalayan edible salt, from Himalayan salt blocks to raw Himalayan salt chunks, from animal Himalayan salt licking to spa salt etc.
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Himalayan Salt soap by Royal Himalayan salt, the known exporter and dealer of Himalayan salt and salt related handicrafts.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Why Himalayan Salt? Table salt, does not have essential minerals and trace elements, is a freak of nature. Sea salts, unfortunately, are getting more and more polluted day by day as the oceans fill up with toxins. Real Salt, mined from ancient sea beds, is free from contaminants and provides a rich source 84 essential…

Edible Salt by Royal Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt: Purest salt on earth with 84 minerals and trace elements

Royal Himalayan Salt is a reputed dealer and exporter of Himalayan Salt Items. We deal in vast range of Himalayan Salt items ranging from Himalayan salt lamps to edible Himalayan salt, from Himalayan salt cooking slabs to Himalayan salt inhaler etc.
Edible salt offered by Royal Himalayan Salt is said to be the finest, purest and supreme quality salt which is available in many sizes, which is used differently on occasions. We offer salt in many packaging depending on the needs of our clients.